Suntsu provides the best filter solution for a wide variety of wireless applications and custom requirements.

Suntsu, a leading manufacturer of the frequency control devices (crystals and crystal oscillators), is pleased to announce the launch of SAW filters and SAW resonators that meet Communication, Industrial, and Medical markets demands. 4G/LTE wireless infrastructure, WiFi, and SmartGrid applications have increased the need for precision filtering. Suntsu have applied it’s engineering expertise on SAW filters to meet these market demand.

Suntsu has both a standard offering of RF and IF filters; as well as the ability to create custom SAW filters based. Our engineers will review your application design and bring your innovation to life. SAW varieties include

-  SAW resonator

-  IF SAW filter

-  RF SAW filter

-  Duplexer

Cross Opportunities: Golledge, Epcos, Murata, Taisaw, Abracon, TDK, and Vectron

Lead Times:  Suntsu’s delivery for a typical standard SAW filter in final production is 4~5 weeks. Lead times for custom design is 6~7 weeks.

Applications: Suntsu’s SAW Filter service is designed to meet the needs of modern applications, including:

- 4G/LTE Wireless Infrastructure and SmartGrid – ISM band 915MHz SAW filter with the various package sizes.

-  Networking/Telecom – WiFi, Bluetooth, and GPS module.

-  Smartgrid/Industrial – ISM band SAW filter, WiFi 2GHz range.

-  RFID, IoT related products, Test Equipment.