Suntsu launches broad lineup of Antenna solutions.

Suntsu provides the best antenna for wireless communication targeting Smart Grid, IOT, Enterprise, Automotive, Telecommunication and Consumer Wireless industries. 

Suntsu, a leading manufacturer of frequency control devices, is pleased to announce the launch of a wide range of internal and external antenna to meet the demands of the growing wireless communication market.

Suntsu’s standard antennas are designed for commercial and industrial, WiFi, ISM, Bluetooth, GPS, and LTE products.

Product designers are being tasked with producing higher performing wireless systems that are placed within increasingly challenging environments. Finely tuned antennas are critical to the success of the whole wireless system. Suntsu engineers can design a custom antenna to meet a customer’s unique package and performance requirements.

Suntsu antenna solutions are engineered for operation in wide frequency ranges covering the following applications:

ISM bands (433MHz, 915MHz, 868MHz), GPS (3.2x1.6mm, 10.0x3.2mm),

Full LTE bands (35.0x5.0mm, 40.0x5.0mm).

Lead Times: 5~6 weeks for standard antennas in production. 7~8 weeks for custom antenna designs.

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