Suntsu Frequency Control, Inc. announces it is now taking prototype orders for its new STB, STC, STP, and STQ Series lines of Ultra miniature TCXO's and (VC)TCXO's.

NEWPORT BEACH, CA. July 08 2002 — Suntsu Frequency Control, Inc. announces it is now taking prototype orders for its new STB(5mm x 3.2mm), STC(5mm x 3.2mm), STP(3mm x 2.5mm),  and STQ(3mm x 2.5mm) Series lines of Ultra miniature TCXO`s and (VC)TCXO`s.


Suntsu`s newest line of TCXO`s & (VC)TCXO`s primary purpose is to support the efforts of radio and mobile communications companies whose major design concerns include reducing product dimensions and maximizing performance.  Focusing in on GPS, GPRS, GSM, CDMA, WCDMA wireless LAN / WAN communications devices, as well as two way pagers and cell phones, Suntsu is poised to capture significant market share.


Suntsu's TCXO design team believes these are the types of products that will help to maintain the mobile communication industries desire to create low volume units without sacrificing performance.  This latest series of TCXO's and (VC)TCXO's is their effort to stay ahead of the pack and demonstrate to the industry that Suntsu is more than just another supplier, but rather a technology leader.   Suntsu`s goal is to forge strategic partnerships with customers and be the company they rely on when in need of the latest technology advancements.  While production quantities will not be available until Q1 of 2003, prototype orders are being accepted with a twelve to fourteen week lead time. 


To request samples or a quotation contact Suntsu Frequency Control, Inc. at 949-955-2195, or via the web at


If these products interest you but you are currently in production and need a second source check out the STF(5mm x 3.2mm), STL(5mm x 3.2mm), STM(4mm x 2.5mm), and STN(4mm x 2.5mm) lines which are all available now in mass quantities.